Outreach Committee


Job Description




  • To reach out and share the good news in our community through Outreach Programs, to be present in the lives of all our members and provide hospitality to all.
  • To provide informational programs about social issues within our community and through our participation in these projects, to increase congregational awareness of world-wide issues.


  • At least one member of Session to act as a liaison and Chair; Co-chair.
  • Members of the Congregation who are interested in sharing outreach.


  • The committee meets every month or as needed. An agenda is prepared by the Chair or Co-chair. Minutes of each meeting will be prepared for the session.


  • To provide Hospitality and Fellowship events.
    • Including Greeters- Welcoming guests to worship
    • Coffee Hour/Social events for the congregation
    • Outreach to the community
    • Social Events to connect with unchurched folks.


  • Outreach:
    • Events to invite guests to worship.
    • Activities to share our faith with others.
    • Promoting/advertising church to the community.
    • Promoting the church through the website and social media.
    • Apostle Church – We help this outreach program with food, warm clothing for cold months, and monetary donations
    • Habitat for Humanity – The committee is kept updated on the projects Habitat Undertakes.
    • Christ Church – After the Christmas tree is trimmed in the sanctuary, members of the congregation bring toys and gifts to be taken to Christ Church for their Christmas store.
    • St. Martins Clinic (Cameroon)
    • Spinning Yarns – this sub-committee makes prayer shawls and other items of clothing where there is a need.
    • Heifer Project International
    • Relay for Life