What to Expect

Although our GAPC Family is currently without a pastor, we’re happy to have begun the Pastoral Search process.  In the meantime, the congregation is blessed with four Elders who are eager to share Jesus’ Good News as Pulpit Supply.

It’s uncommon to have a small congregation with more than one Elder who is qualified & willing to preach the Gospel. We’re happy to say that Mark Brodaczynski is commissioned to celebrate communion, which takes place on the first Sunday of the month, when he preaches. Mark and Elders Sandy Reichert, Jay Saugstad, & Sue Smith serve as Pulpit Supply on rotating Sundays. Each elder has his or her own preaching style, which adds meaning, dimension, & often, liveliness to our worships.  On occasion, we even have clergy as Pulpit Supply!

We take joy in being together. Until Covid 19 hit, we qualified as a “hugging” church family.  Now that the need to mask & distance has (mostly) passed, we’re well on our way back to “hugging” during “Passing the Peace”.  (If you’re not a “hugger”, that’s okay; we’re glad to shake hands, bump elbows, or wave, as we greet one another using Christ’s words.) 


We’re also a “welcoming” group.  Visitors find us to be warm, friendly, and inclusive; ALL who attend will find hospitality & love in our sanctuary. It’s true, we’re not a large congregation. But remember the saying?  “Good things come in small packages.”  That's us.

Want to meet us? We’d love that!  Come see us on Sunday mornings, at 9:30.

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.