The Chairperson of this committee is a member of the Session and also serves as the president of the Corporation.

The Treasurer is appointed by Session and serves on the Resources Committee.

The Financial Secretary is not required to be on the committee, but reports to the Treasurer.

Meetings currently are held on the 1st or 2nd Monday of the month.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Resources Committee is responsible for all things Budget related.  This includes employee payroll, rent and bill paying, stewardship drives, financial holdings (ie. Endowment Fund) and any building upkeep that we are responsible for per our Lease.
  • The Personnel Committee is a subcommittee of Resources.
  • The Resources Committee works closely with the Session and the Congregation in matters that require approval from the Session or Congregation.
  • The President and Treasurer must submit an annual budget to the Session each year for their approval.  It is then presented to the Congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting.
  • The Resources Committee works with our landlord, Maplegrove Treatment Center, to make sure that all parties are accommodated in terms of space usage, supply purchases, cleaning duties, etc.